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Thanks for visiting our site where we publish daily hacks!

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Yeni Üye
Yeni Üye

Kayıt: Dec 09, 2016
Mesajlar: 1

MesajTarih: 09 Aralık 2016, Cuma 16:42:27    Mesaj Konusu: Thanks for visiting our site where we publish daily hacks! Alıntıyla Cevap Ver

The term hacker can mean a lot of things: Programmer, tinkerer, designers, or even criminal. Above all else, a hacker is an expert and a inventor. If the word has some negative baggage, it can be a highly desirable trait.
program do cheatowania gier na androida
Cybersecurity expert Bruce Potter is a major proponent of learning about hacking--particularly the sort that deals with information security--through gaming. Within a 2013 talk called "It's merely a game, " Potter outlined how both world class professionals and complete newbies use video games for education and betterment when it comes to hacking.

We're here to address the newbies.

Studying about hacking through video games is a tale as old as time. That doesn't want to degree up in game and in life concurrently? Associated with course, it's not so easy: Choosing the best games to teach you the right concepts can be challenging, and it's easy for newbies to be taken in by games that bear little resemblance to reality.

Which where Project KidHack comes in. Designed to train kids the basics of hacking, KidHack puts together a curriculum of typical and new games to dive into and learn.

"[My kids] may or may well not choose information security as a field they go into, " a security expert known simply as Grecs, who started the project after being inspired by Knitter, said in a speak last year. "However, the whole philosophy is to introduce them to basic security concepts at a young age so whatever field they go into, they're more security oriented, more security aware. inch

The project was motivated by Ender's Game, the popular science fiction novel by which kids were taught about war through games. This is a little less brutal, far more cheesy, and plenty of fun, but the ideas make good sense all the same.

Here are the best games Project KidHack recommends:

Video games
Uplink is a hacking simulation in which players perform dirty jobs for international corporation: money laundering, robbing data, sabotaging enemy systems, erasing evidence, and other nefarious activities. The parmesan cheese factor is high, but the game is a classic, and it's a fun way to immerse yourself in the basics of information security. Plus, who won't want to steal $1 million from a few money grubbing banks?

Pwn: Combat Cracking is a fast paced real-time strategy game from 2013. Players aim to take over nodes from rivals in what amounts to a mix between chess and "3d tic tac toe, " as Grecs calls it. Resources like viruses, encryption, backdoors, trojans, and firewalls essence the game up and add the necessary hacker flavour to make this a good introduction to the world.

CryptoClub, created by academics at the University of Illinois, is perhaps the most direct and useful teaching tool because it dives into real cryptography problems. Whilst it lacks the cyberpunk techno that other games apparently deem a requirement, CryptoClub is an excellent collection of puzzles and online games that will challenge a fresh learner.

Steve Jackson Video games

Card and board online games
It's a little counterintuitive, but some of the first and best games about hacking take place beyond any computer.

d0x3d is definitely an an open-source board game aimed specifically at laymen trying to learn about security and hacking. Players sign up for a team and take the role of top notch hackers infiltrating networks to steal valuable assets. Even while, network administrators are "patching compromised machines, raising sensors, sometimes changing [the network's] very topology to impede your motion, " according to TheGameCrafter. com.

Next up is Control-Alt-Hack, a 2012 credit card game that puts you in Hacker, Inc. As ethical hackers--better known as "white hat hackers, inch the kind that protect your systems rather than exploit them--Control-Alt-Hack teaches intricate ideas, such as interpersonal engineering and network architectural to non-technical players.

Hackers & Agents is an Uno-style card game with a large helping of hacker ideas, allowing players to learn about tools, like rootkits and SQL injections. Is actually a fairly easy game to learn, but each card comes with little bonuses (think binary and accurate hacking code), so players dive slightly deeper in the more they play.

Hacker is a vintage 1990s card game depending on a real-life U. S. Secret Service raid of Steven Jackson Video games relating to Jackson's Illuminati online bulletin board from the 1980s that ran a variety of early hacking games. Inside the game as well as its numerous expansion sets, hackers create networks and then be competitive against one another with viruses, worms, military hardware, and other tools to be able to control systems and control the 'Net.

Typically the raid that inspired Hacker also led to the creation of the Electric Frontier Foundation, so it can a historical treasure if nothing else. Hacker is out of print but is one of the people classics of the genre where, if you get a chance, warrants a play.

Each one of these video games are meant to be early steps that ignite an interest not simply in hacking but in critical thinking. If you want to take further steps, Grecs says, the resources are out there. For instance:
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Elmas Üye
Elmas Üye

Kayıt: Apr 08, 2020
Mesajlar: 6615

MesajTarih: 04 Şubat 2023, Cumartesi 09:24:11    Mesaj Konusu: Useful Bath Salt Site Alıntıyla Cevap Ver

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